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Monday, 11 July 2016

Current Favourite Podcasts

I've become obsessed with podcasts over the past year or so and use Podcast Chart to find new ones all the time. Here are a list of my absolute go-to podcasts.

Collider Movie Talk
This is touch down, my favourite film podcast and let me tell you why it should be yours too.

b. The best panellists. I'm terrible at describing people so you'll just have to listen to know what I'm talking about.
c. There's a show every weekday (!!) meaning I don't have to wait to listen and I love catching up on older episodes.
One likes to just sit down, listen and geek out. Yes let's take a moment to imagine what it looks like to physically geek out. You're welcome.
a. CONTENT. They not only review new releases, but sometimes have an entire shows dedicated to a particular film/ TV show/ franchise. There's also a weekly special one hour show on comic books and another on Star Wars (!!) Plus, they have all the scoop on news in the film industry so you'll always be up to speed if that kind of info interests you.

Anna Faris is Unqualified
Anna Faris is the best kind of weird hosts. My personal favourite episode was when she and Chelsea Handler got high on weed-infused nipple cream, and then gave relationship advice to people who called in. You won't be disappointed.

Kermode and Mayo Film Review
Kermode and Mayo read out film reviews from their listeners who email in. They have the the most intelligent listeners and it's also always nice to hear multiple opinions on a film.

Dear Sugar Radio
OBSESSED with the show's host - Sheryl Strayed and Steve Almond who are the wisest hosts, ever. The structure is as follows: Steve and Sheryl pick a letter they've received, read it, give their advice and get another perspective from someone often in the public eye who has experienced a similar issue and offers their informed advice. Who doesnt love an advice column! It's so therapeutic and insightful and after listening to a few of these, you may find yourself asking WWSD- What Would Sheryl Do?

The Nineteen Percent
This is a feminist podcast that started at my university by Anya Lawrence. I find the episodes so harrowing and upsetting. I don't even know why because sexism is such an everyday experience for so many people, particularly girls and women and it's certainly not something I've been exempt from. Maybe it's because I'm so used to hearing these instances in isolation which is why, it is so important to have a platform like this to give women the chance to collectively reclaim their voices.

Ladies Who Lunch
Cat Valdes and Ingrid Nilsen speak openly about feminism, family, relationships and so much more. It's also sort of an advice column that just feels like its coming from a really genuine place.

Back Row Podcast
Rhianna Dhillon reviewed films for Greg James on BBC Radio 1 and her reviews were the only time I ever tuned into his show. Then I missed about 3 weeks, came back and she was GONE. But she's back (wohoo) with her own film podcast with her boyfriend Mike. Not only do I love their banter but: it's really long podcast - nearly 2 hours; they only review new releases over the fortnight as opposed to hearing the same reviews on every film in the top 10 and; there's also a lot of chit chat about films that are not in the top 10 which is surprisingly rare in a film podcast and great for film lovers everywhere.

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